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Our Heritage Replica Chimney's survived the devastating  February and June  2011 earthquakes and still look fantastic today.

Our solution is a conventionally designed, timber framed, genuine brick slip over cavity Heritage Replica Chimney. A brick slip is simply the outside 20mm thickness of a genuine brick salvaged from your chimney if possible. This European system using genuine brick slips has been proven in use for at least the last 50 years. It is ideal for replacement of damaged Heritage and classic home chimneys where we want to retain capital and aesthetic values.

The outside of our chimneys use absolutely conventional materials and so have already proven themselves to last in our harsh environment. They use genuine brick with conventional sand/cement grout and a standard mortar flaunching holding on terracotta clay pots all flashed with lead.

The Heritage Replica Chimney will also disguise a conventional metal flue system as used for wood and pellet burners as well as flued gas appliances. They provide excellent support for tall chimney stacks necessary for adequate draw.

So why install a Heritage Replica Chimney ?

They survived the devastating earthquake on 22rd Feb 2011

They look great.

The character and value of your home is maintained.

The Heritage status of the building is maintained 

They are light weight and safe.

Metal flues are hidden.

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